We provide sports coaching and health coaching services to optimize athletic performance and life.

Work with an experienced
teacher and athlete

Ascend Sports Conditioning is owned and operated by Coach Gary Lombardo, a certified United States Triathlon (USAT) Level 1, Spartan SGX Level 2, CrossFit Level 2, CrossFit Powerlifting and CrossFit Endurance coach and multisport athlete. Gary has over 23 years of coaching experience, working with athletes of all abilities and disciplines. As a triathlete, runner, cyclist, swimmer, obstacle course racer, climber and mountaineer, Coach Gary understands through experience the training needs of multisport athletes. He has completed three Ironmans, 25+ half Ironmans and shorter distance tris, numerous obstacle course races including ultra distances, qualifying for the OCR World Championships multiple times and has completed the Spartan Death Race. He’s also an accomplished swimmer, cyclist, and runner with numerous marathons and ultra distance trail runs completed.

As a natural teacher and leader, one of Coach Gary’s greatest skills is his ability to motivate individuals to define their vision, attain their goals and communicate complex training principles into simple, easy to understand strategic and tactical training programs. By focusing on the whole athlete and the everyday challenges they face, as well as the principles of specificity, periodization and progressive loading combined with recovery, strength, mobility, nutrition, mindset training, Coach Gary designs programs that are personalized, effective, safe and achieves results.