Ascending Higher

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Since 2010, I had wanted to travel to Pakistan to visit the mighty Karakoram, home to the highest mountains in the world. However, at that

Few places have inspired me over the years as have the majestic Himalayas. I first traveled there in 2000 when I went to Nepal and

  Sandbag carry, Civilian Military Combine (CMC) 2014 Some years are better than others and when it comes to fitness, 2014 was definitely a great

As you can imagine, I often get asked by athletes what are the best ways to improve performance. In fact, no question gets asked more,

Patagonia is the place of legends: the towering, iconic mountains, raging rivers, deep blue glaciers, wild winds, and miles of open, expansive wilderness. There’s a

The idea of high intensity training in endurance sports is not a new one. Over this past weekend, I had the opportunity to explore it