We provide sports coaching and health coaching services to optimize athletic performance and life.

Our Expertise

We have expertise in multiple sports and disciplines, working with athletes of all experience levels and backgrounds. While we work with elite athletes, we particularly enjoy working with people who don’t consider themselves athletes or consider themselves beginner athletes. We also especially enjoy working with those who are open to exploring new sports, new ways of training their bodies and minds, and aren’t afraid to push their limits. Our expertise is helping these people become better athletes and more importantly, better humans.


Master the swim, bike and run from Ironman distance to sprint distance

Triathlon is at our core and where we began. Whether you are looking to complete your first sprint distance or 50th Ironman, we specialize in getting you across that finish line. We design programs focused on athletic training, nutrition and mindset that deliver proven results.

Obstacle Course Racing

Explore your limits in short to ultra distance courses

The skills required to complete an obstacle course race are multi-dimensional: running and nutrition as your base, obstacle-specific strength and mobility as your specialization and mindset training as your savior. Whether your looking to master an obstacle heavy short distance course or a run heavy ultra course, we understand how to get you there.

Extreme Endurance

Get comfortable being uncomfortable in the Death Race and other multi-day events

Extreme endurance events require a different type of mindset, physical training and nutrition plan. From the Spartan Death Race to the Barkley Marathons to overseas adventure races and beyond, we understand what it takes to deal with being on your feet for 72+ hours, being given tasks that seem impossible, the mental challenge of not knowing what comes next or when it will all end. Work with us to prepare yourself to make the seemingly impossible, possible.

Complete your first 5K or 100th marathon

Running is the oldest sport of human kind, but few do it well. We work with you to put together a multi-faceted program of run skills, aerobic endurance, speed work, strength and power work, nutrition and mindset that gets you ready to finish your first 5K or 100 marathon.

Become a better road or mountain bike racer or recreational athlete

Cycling is a fantastic sport that can be done competitively or recreationally. From road bikers who want to compete in criteriums, stage races and other races or just ride for fun to mountain bikers seeking to ride technical single-track courses or less technical courses, we understand how to blend bike specific skill work with physical conditioning, nutrition and mindset to help you master the sport.


Perform better as a competitive short distance or open water swimmer or recreational athlete

Whether swimming in a pool or in open-water, short sprint distance or marathon distance or different strokes – free, fly, breast, butterfly – we help competitive and recreational swimmers master the skills, physical conditioning, nutrition and mindset to become better swimmers.


Reach new heights mountaineering or rock and ice climbing

Going on a multi-day or week expeditions at altitude or simply on a day trip to a local crag, climbing requires endurance, strength, climbing specific skills, nutrition and mental training to do well. We help mountaineers and climbers get stronger and fitter so they can reach new heights.

Cut new paths while alpine or nordic skiing

Alpine and nordic skiing are demanding sports, whether done competitively or recreationally. We understand what it takes whether you are looking to do day trips to a resort, go on a backcountry multi-day ski expedition or race competitively. Our program blends alpine or nordic specific skills training with aerobic and strength-based conditioning, nutrition and mindset training.


Compete in CrossFit, Powerlifting or Olympic lifting competitions or do them for fun

Weightlifting and strength training is critical for everyone, especially as we get older. We are experts in building strength programs for all athletes, as well as those who are seeking to become competitive CrossFitters, powerlifting or Olympic lifting athletes. Our program works on sport specific skills, physical training, nutrition and mindset needed to be effective at weightlifting.


Lose fat or gain muscle, becoming stronger and healthier

Nutrition is at the foundation of all health, wellness and athletic performance. We are experts helping athletes and individuals build the proper, long-lasting habits to lose fat or gain muscle. Our program achieves proven results by focusing on individualized macros, meal planning and quality and types of food based on personalized health.

Improve your mental fitness for better performance in sports and every day life

Training the mind is just as important as training the body, which is why we work with athletes and individuals no matter their sport or background in developing a mindset that works for them. We use techniques such as visualization, breathwork, meditation, gratitude and others that enable athletes to develop a mindset marked by positivity and resiliency.

Precision Medicine

Dial-in your performance based on your own make-up

Understanding key biomarkers based on one’s own physiological factors, such as genetics, is critical to personalized and optimized performance. We are health coaches and work with medical experts to bring precision medicine into all aspects of physical, nutrition and mindset training.

Health coaching

take control of your health and well being

Some individuals aren’t seeking endurance or power-based coaching, but rather are looking to achieve a better balanced life. For these individuals, we provide health coaching and wellness expertise, where we provide personalized support and accountability that enable individuals to take control of their own health and well being.